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ENERGY, always, everywhere, soon

Energy Always Everywhere Soon


Batteries, Battery chargers and Accessories

We are a Company specialized in the distribution and processing of exclusive products in the field of batteries

A single partner saves time and money



The central warehouse is equipped with an integrated logistics system to 2500 pallet spaces, to deliver shipments within 24 hours of receiving your order.


All products on the catalogue are managed in stock.


Not only aquality battery but also a correct battery charger along with thebest accessoriesto ensure energy over time.



The REGENERATION of the batteries with WARRANTY is an absolute innovation in the field.


Union Battery Service has a certified strength index among the highest in the sector: we are not interested in the hit and run, but in following our customers over time.


Customer’s real need is our priority!Our trained staff is able to help customer in choosing the correct product or an alternative optimal service to the sale.


Il 98% of our customers are satisfied with our service and products.




The group MORI RADDRIZZATORI avail themselves of U.B.S. UNION BATTERY SERVICE support,
creating a national and international commercial network operating in the market of batteries and related applications.
Our shared goal is to provide exclusive high quality products and, when needed,
a prompt and qualified technical consultancy.
The widespread distribution organization and the quick products delivery
represent the authentic competitive advantage of U.B.S. UNION BATTERY SERVICE.








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