The logic of Global Solutions that characterises our company also includes the proposal of the innovative REGENERATION service, offered exclusively to U.B.S. UNION BATTERY SERVICE customers.

The regeneration process and the necessary equipment have been developed by our Technical Department and are applicable to ALL lead-acid batteries (starter, stationary, traction, both free acid and AGM), excluding GEL batteries.

The treatment is purely electrical, so no chemical additives are used.


You can assume that more than 60% of batteries that are considered to be exhausted can be successfully remanufactured.

The advantage for the customer is tangible and substantial: for only around 30%* of the value of a new battery, you can have a viable and, above all, GUARANTEED alternative!

The customers concerned are not necessarily just end users, but also dealers in electric vehicles (cleaning machines, forklift trucks, aerial platforms, golf cars, etc.) who in turn can offer reconditioned vehicles, covered by a full warranty on both the vehicle and the battery.

RENEW IN TIME and SAVE IN TIME responds to the logic of prevention.

The performance of batteries over time is conditioned by many factors, some of which cannot be controlled on a daily basis, such as a premature drop in performance. Preventive regeneration treatment, carried out roughly halfway through the battery’s life, i.e. before the battery shows serious drops in performance, aims to restore initial performance as far as possible, with three major advantages:

  • Extend battery life
  • Maintain constant battery performance over time
  • Preventing sudden failures

Recommended on all batteries, but certainly recommended in these areas:

  • GOLF CLUBS/CAMPINGS/TOURIST VILLAGES: treatment of batteries during closing periods to be sure of battery life throughout the following season.
  • RENTAL OF AERIAL PLATFORMS: treatment furing downtime on the aprons, to reduce battery replacements and be more competitive on the market with aggressive rental rates.
  • CONTINUITY GROUPS: treatment to assess the state of the batteries and restore optimal capacity to ensure the expected autonomy in case of emergencies, avoiding the surprises of sudden blackouts.
  • RENTAL OF TRUCKS: treatment to allow the completion of a long-term hire contract without having to replace the battery.
  • INERNATIONAL TRANSPORT TRUCKS: to avoid sudden and costly battery replacements abroad.