Luca Mori

Luca Mori – CEO

UBS: who we are, what we do and how we operate.
Service, quality and innovation.

Riccardo Mori – Technical Office Mori Raddrizzatori

Design and manifacture of battery chargers for industrial and marine use.

Nicole Degani

Nicole Degani – Sales and Customer Service Manager

The best for the customer: from the identification of requirements to advice on product selection and after-sales service.

Anna Ballarini

Anna Ballarini – Graphic & Web Designer

Rendering, graphics and sponsoriship.
Thre creative area of the company.

Valentina Berti

Valentina Berti – Customer Care

Logistics, sales network and distributors
Customer management from A to Z.

Alessia Avogadro

Alessia Avogadro – Sales and Logistics Department

Interaction with the warehouse and modulation of shipments.
The efficiency of storafe and sorting.

Why choose a sealed battery over a free lead acid battery?

– Maintenance-free batteries

– Indoor charging

– AGM batteries cycle immediately

Zenith brand is the exlusive property of U.B.S. Union Battery Service. Zenith brand batteries are manufactured to our specifications by selected international campanies with top quality standards; they must then pass strict in-house quality controls before being placed on the market.


Accessories, Equipment, Zenith, Zenith Lithium, ZLIDISPLAY

Zenith ZLM120075

AGM, AGM, Applications, Applications, Batteries, Batteries, Nautic & Camper, Zenith, Zenith, ZLM, ZLM



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